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Meet the Man Behind the Lens

Ashton Negron

Born in Connecticut and residing in South Florida. Ashton enjoys a diversity of pastimes such as traveling, rugby, jujitsu and spending time with family and friends. It doesn't take long to get to know Ashton, as he is an easy-going, friendly and happy human to be around. With the journey Ashton has been on thus far, his "lens" on life has shown to be quite a unique perspective allowing angles, lighting and moments to be captured in ways only he can frame. 

Just like his work, Ashton is one of a kind and simply unique.



“The definition of success is up to you and you alone.”​


Those words echoed through our halls as children, many years later I finally realized what my father had meant by that. Every person has a different view of the world and expectations from it which is why we find a uniqueness to each individuals dream. One is not worth more than the other but some require more work. Regardless, it is up to each of us to chase our personal vision of happiness despite the obstacles that stand in our way.


“Fox Street” is a business name passed down through the generations in my family that comes with a commitment to the client we pride ourselves on. Just as each dream is different, we understand each job to be different. That is why we approach even a quick project with the same commitment as a long term one and dedicate our full imagination to creating art from your vision. 

Core Values

  • Consistency:  every project has meaning and every person behind it deserves our very best.

  • Originality:  our passion is breathing life into your vision through creativity and innovation.

  • Commitment: day or night, rain or shine, until the job is done were at your side.


Mission & Vision

With ensuring the best photos for you at the forefront of our minds, we also have always in the back of our minds, our vision and mission. 

We care for our veterans and honor the men and women who served our country. Through donations and charity in all avenues to help support out veterns, Fox Street is on it. 

We care for the generations after us. We are working towards starting a non-profit for children of all ages who enjoy photography and film, but unable to afford the education and equipment. We believe everyone should have a chance to follow their passions.

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